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Mr Williams handled my expungement case 1 felony & 2 misdemeanors. Mr Williams was on point when we went to court and cleared this one day from my record. I highly recommend Mr Williams


Mar 05, 2022 – China, MI

I hired Mr. Williams for a felony expungement case. My record was pretty bad. I got into some trouble as a young man, and ended up with a felony and 10 misdemeanors. Mr. Williams handled the process very well. His experience and organization was very impressive. He did a great job keeping me informed and explaining the process. I now have the felony removed from my record and several misdemeanor charges. He never asked me for more money after the first payment. Mr. Williams is a great guy and a great attorney. I highly recommend him.

Michael crum

Feb 08, 2022 – Flat rock, MI

I would recommend Mr. Williams any time because not only was he an amazing person, but he was a very good lawyer that worked day and night to make sure that we could get my past of 3 felonies expunged so I could finally stop getting held back in succeeding through life. I know for a fact Mr. Williams worked his tail off to get this done for me because I would receive phone calls and texts out of normal business hours filling me in on what steps he was doing. Thank you again for all you did for me!


Sep 16, 2021 – Macomb County, MI

D Todd gave me a very confident feeling from the initial conversation! Throughout the process he kept me updated and helped guide me through the success of expunging 3 felonies from my record. He was well prepared for my case and it was clear that he is well versed in the process. He offered to remain a resource for me even after the case was finalized, which proves his high level of commitment. I highly recommend D Todd!


Sep 14, 2021 – Macomb County, MI

Todd handled 2 expungements for me he took care of everything and guided me through showed me everything I needed to do and all went smoothly, Todd did an excellent job representing me in court.

James Gabrielson

Sep 07, 2021 – Lenox twp, MI

D Todd williams is an amazing attorney, Ive heard his radio adds for years and wondered how good his services would really be. I was pleasantly surprised at what a great attorney he really was! He exceeded all my hopes and expectations, he is such a busy guy and yet makes you feel like youre his only client. Hes a very motivated person. He completes all tasks as soon as he possibly can without hesitation. If youve ever thought of hiring him as an attorney do it, you will not be disappointed.Hes everything you could hope for. He truly cares about helping people and it shows by his work ethic. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a successful motivated attorney. 5 stars all the way! He will change your life. Very affordable also. Thanks again D Todd Williams! You do great things for people

Brandon King

Jul 29, 2021 – Waterford , MI

I would just like to say thanks D Todd for helping me put the past behind me. You exceeded my expectations in every way and were extremely knowledgeable and non judgmental throughout the whole process. Thanks again!

Joe S

Apr 20, 2021 – Romeo , MI

I was blown away by the job d Todd Williams has done for me. When I first contacted him, I did not think anyone could help me at that point. Once mr. Williams sat down with me and explained my options, and how to use them to help myself, for the first time in a long time, I had hope. After that the process for myself was completely effortless. Mr. Williams literally took care of everything for me. Just as he had promised. I am so proud of the job he has done. I feel the great weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you mr. Williams. Highly recommended

Aaron Ashbaucher

Apr 20, 2021 – Temperance , MI

I engaged D. Todd to represent me in an old case that had unfortunately ended up in warrant status. I was a bit skeptical, as the worse-case scenario I had imagined wasn't very reaslisic to D Todd, and his idea of best case was a bit too much for me to even hope for. I was totally incorrect. D Todd provided top-teir legal and professional representation, with an end result much more fair and favorable than I would have ever anticipated. Thank you, D Todd; Recently, I've been able to pro-actively fix/replace the damaged facets of my life. Since the last court date, I've been promoted at work twice, and have family and friends that actively look to reel me back in as an active part of their lives as well. Heh, and I was skeptical. I'm looking forward to working with D Todd again in the near future (albiet not criminally). Keep up the good work, sir. Thank you, M


Jun 27, 2020 – Whitmore Lake, MI

I can't imagine going through this process without Mr. Williams. He immediately put my mind at ease and stood by my side, providing invaluable counsel throughout. His extensive knowledge and expertise is one I trust and could count on without fail. I highly recommend Mr. Williams services for anyone with legal needs seeking the best possible guidance.


Jun 20, 2020 – Rochester, MI