Services Probation Violations

Settle your affairs on your own terms.

Are you facing a probation violation or facing a warrant for failing to appear in court? 

Stop checking the rearview mirror, stop avoiding that pending criminal case or warrant. 

When you have violated the terms of your probation, one of the best steps you can take before getting arrested is to turn yourself in. While this may not seem at first the best way to secure your rights, often your freedom becomes your most important bargaining chip. We’re happy to accompany you if you decide to turn yourself in.

The first step we’ll take when you visit us is to get an underlying idea of where you stand. We’ll look at the violation, any subsequent crimes, the city you live in, the court you will have to appear in and the judge you will have to appear before. Once we understand these factors, we can help you know how best to proceed.

We will guide you in taking proactive steps to help you reestablish credibility with the court. If your infraction was alcohol or drug related, we will help you get into a treatment program or schedule counseling.

A probation violation will always catch up with you, and let's be honest; the timing will never be good. Your freedom is your bargaining chip, so use it to your advantage and come in for a consultation. 

Settle your affairs on your terms, not being picked up and hauled in front of the judge in cuffs.