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D. TODD WILLIAMS IS OUTSTANDING!! He helped me expunge three retail fraud charges from the early 2000's. I had a rough decade back then and finally turned my life around but had this hanging over my head. I had heard Todd's commercials on the radio and had wrote down his information planning to contact him but I kept putting it off. I guess the fear that he might not be able to help me was holding me back. Finally I just decided to contact him and I'm so glad I did. He was kind, understanding and professional. I finally feel like I have my life back and I can't express how grateful I am to have this burden lifted off me. If you are considering contacting him for help, JUST DO IT!! Even if you think you can't afford it - he will work with you! Honestly, you can't afford not to get his help. Now is the time to get your life back and D. Todd Williams can help you do it!

— Heather ., Livingston County, MI

The law allowed for me to qualify for four felonies to be expunged, and Mr. Williams fought to make it happen. Very happy with my choice of representation! AP

— A. P., Shelby Township , MI

Was kept informed throughout the whole process. The results were never in doubt. Highly recommend his services.

— Richard K., mt clemons, MI

*Rockstar* DTodd is just like his commercial on Dave and Chuck the freak...An Amazing lawyer who gets right to the core of the problem and treats you like a human being.Very respectful, Very Very resourceful, and a swell guy too.

— David L., Sterling heights, MI

DTodd Williams is as he says experienced, aggressive,and very very hard worker.Respectful, friendly and able to communicate a solution to you as a human being NOT a criminal.This Attorney is a Rockstar through and through...I wouldn't trust ANY other Lawyers with my life but D Todd treats you respectfully and actually cares about the outcome for you.

— David L., Sterling heights, MI

OUTSTANDING SERVICES!!! From the first sit down consultation to see if I was eligible to have my conviction set aside to the final court date Mr. Williams made me feel very confidant he could make this happen. When my day in court happened Mr. Williams did exactly that. my conviction has been set aside. I would hire him again with out question if his services were ever needed. I TRULY CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!

— Christopher Y., shelby twp, MI

I thought being a father of 3 that divorce was the worst thing that I would be facing. That was until I was charged with domestic violence. I plead not guilty and a second count was added against my daughter, the first was against my wife. Never having been in trouble with the law I was beyond scared of the present and future I faced. Todd was very humble and able to calm me down. He was available by phone when needed and he met with me many times to answer any questions I had going into things. before the trial he spoke with me and made sure I felt a hundred percent good about things. The prosecutor was aggressive in her attempt to win. Todd however appeared calm and spoke with respect and never lost his composure. He presented the facts and was better then I could have imagined. With the evidence and the case he presented he got me a not guilty verdict on all counts and I was finally able to see my child after months of having no contact. Todd did what he was hired to do and more. I felt like he was fighting for me and was worth every penny. I would highly recommend D Todd and his team.

— Mike S., Livingston county, MI

Todd is the best!!! He knows what needed to happen in my case, and immediately went to work to solve my legal worries. I stopped worrying after one phone call, ONE PHONE CALL that led me to the best legal defense i have ever had. Every case is different, but it's worth sitting down with Todd and discussing your options. Call him now, and put your mind at ease.

— Stan Harrion J., Milford, MI

I hired Mr. Williams for a felony expungement case. My record was pretty bad. I got into some trouble as a young man, and ended up with a felony and 10 misdemeanors. Mr. Williams handled the process very well. His experience and organization was very impressive. He did a great job keeping me informed and explaining the process. I now have the felony removed from my record and several misdemeanor charges. He never asked me for more money after the first payment. Mr. Williams is a great guy and a great attorney. I highly recommend him.

— Michael c., Flat rock, MI

Mr Williams handled my expungement case 1 felony & 2 misdemeanors. Mr Williams was on point when we went to court and cleared this one day from my record. I highly recommend Mr Williams

— D H., China, MI

D Todd Williams is an amazing attorney. I had heard his radio ad and wondered if he could help me and what his services would really be like. He delivered everything that he said he would. I hope he knows what a great attorney he really is! He helped me get my life back! Thank you Todd so much for everything you have done for me. Additionally, my judge complimented him on his quality work and all attention to detail in front of the entire court. He was very attentive to myself and my family in court and after.

— Sarah H., Westland, MI

I would recommend Mr. Williams any time because not only was he an amazing person, but he was a very good lawyer that worked day and night to make sure that we could get my past of 3 felonies expunged so I could finally stop getting held back in succeeding through life. I know for a fact Mr. Williams worked his tail off to get this done for me because I would receive phone calls and texts out of normal business hours filling me in on what steps he was doing. Thank you again for all you did for me!

— N F., Macomb County, MI

D Todd gave me a very confident feeling from the initial conversation! Throughout the process he kept me updated and helped guide me through the success of expunging 3 felonies from my record. He was well prepared for my case and it was clear that he is well versed in the process. He offered to remain a resource for me even after the case was finalized, which proves his high level of commitment. I highly recommend D Todd!

— K A., Macomb County, MI

Todd handled 2 expungements for me he took care of everything and guided me through showed me everything I needed to do and all went smoothly, Todd did an excellent job representing me in court.

— James G., Lenox twp, MI

D Todd williams is an amazing attorney, Ive heard his radio adds for years and wondered how good his services would really be. I was pleasantly surprised at what a great attorney he really was! He exceeded all my hopes and expectations, he is such a busy guy and yet makes you feel like youre his only client. Hes a very motivated person. He completes all tasks as soon as he possibly can without hesitation. If youve ever thought of hiring him as an attorney do it, you will not be disappointed.Hes everything you could hope for. He truly cares about helping people and it shows by his work ethic. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a successful motivated attorney. 5 stars all the way! He will change your life. Very affordable also. Thanks again D Todd Williams! You do great things for people

— Brandon K., Waterford , MI

I would just like to say thanks D Todd for helping me put the past behind me. You exceeded my expectations in every way and were extremely knowledgeable and non judgmental throughout the whole process. Thanks again!

— Joe S., Romeo , MI

I was blown away by the job d Todd Williams has done for me. When I first contacted him, I did not think anyone could help me at that point. Once mr. Williams sat down with me and explained my options, and how to use them to help myself, for the first time in a long time, I had hope. After that the process for myself was completely effortless. Mr. Williams literally took care of everything for me. Just as he had promised. I am so proud of the job he has done. I feel the great weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you mr. Williams. Highly recommended

— Aaron A., Temperance , MI

I engaged D. Todd to represent me in an old case that had unfortunately ended up in warrant status. I was a bit skeptical, as the worse-case scenario I had imagined wasn't very reaslisic to D Todd, and his idea of best case was a bit too much for me to even hope for. I was totally incorrect. D Todd provided top-teir legal and professional representation, with an end result much more fair and favorable than I would have ever anticipated. Thank you, D Todd; Recently, I've been able to pro-actively fix/replace the damaged facets of my life. Since the last court date, I've been promoted at work twice, and have family and friends that actively look to reel me back in as an active part of their lives as well. Heh, and I was skeptical. I'm looking forward to working with D Todd again in the near future (albiet not criminally). Keep up the good work, sir. Thank you, M

— M M., Whitmore Lake, MI

I can't imagine going through this process without Mr. Williams. He immediately put my mind at ease and stood by my side, providing invaluable counsel throughout. His extensive knowledge and expertise is one I trust and could count on without fail. I highly recommend Mr. Williams services for anyone with legal needs seeking the best possible guidance.

— V E., Rochester, MI

Todd was able to keep me relaxed and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I would always recommend him for any situation. Very knowledgeable, friendly and always there for you.

— John S., Troy, MI

I am very pleased with working with Mr. Williams. I lived out of state and had to come back to MI for my expungement. So choosing a lawyer to trust was hard, but not with Mr. Williams. As he knew it would be a challenge because we had to do everything over the phone and through emails. He made it very easy on me to work with my case. We built the case up and won!! Thank you and if you have any questions about Mr. Williams I assure you he is someone I would hire again for anything.

— Joe C., San Antonio, TX

Mr. Williams is an extremely good lawyer, I had gotten multiple charges in Wyandotte for driving on a suspended license and probation violation, I knew I was guilty but he had saved me from jailtime and losing my job/my home/my kids home/my wifes home. am very happy to have went with him and his services, if you need a great lawyer who knows what hes doing , call him and stop wasting time!

— Mark S., Saint Clair shores, MI

If you are seeking an amazing, talented, empathetic, and charasmatic attorney, you will do very well to place your trust with D. Todd Williams. Upon our initial telephone consultation D. Todd immediately put me at ease and articulated a clear concise plan of action. He made me feel comfortable, and many times told me "don't worry I've got your back." At court, through his extensive talent & expertise he negotiated very favourable terms with the prosecutor and judge. Do yourself a favor and contact D. Todd Williams as your legal advisor & attorney. Thank you Sir.

— Scott B., Sterling Heights, MI

Upon my initial telephone call to D. Todd Williams, P.C. I was very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy the staff offered. Attorney Williams promptly returned my phone call and scheduled an in office consultation the same week! He is true to his radio advertisements; we discussed my options and solutions, he got to work on my case and I got on with my life! Thanks D. Todd!

— Lisa ., , MI

I got caught up in a drunk driving situation in Western Wayne County. Everyone I talked to told me that I would get an impaired driving (conviction), tons of fines and probation. I hired D. Todd and two weeks later we were in his conference room reviewing the police reports and the squad car videos. D. Todd was able to convince the prosecutor that I was not drunk driving and all I got was a civil infraction for careless driving. I left the Court with a fine, no criminal conviction and no probation.

— Mark ., , MI

I was facing a Felony Drunk Driving charge in Macomb County. I met with two other lawyers who wanted me to plead guilty, have a felony arrest on my record and go to jail for 90 days. Then I met with D. Todd. He listened to me and heard what the other lawyers did not I was innocent. D. Todd Williams took my case to a jury trial. The jury came back with a not guilty verdict and a complete dismissal! Besides keeping me out of jail, saving my job and saving my license, D. Todd restored my self respect. He treated my like a person not a dollar sign.

— Christy ., Clinton Township, MI

My name is Daniel, I had a serious drug felony conviction from the early 1990s that I thought would stay on my record forever. I was told by several people that I could NEVER expunge the conviction from my record. D Todd did it four months. I was able to coach baseball, participate in my children school activities and restore my gun rights. Best call I made in a long time!

— Daniel ., Farmington Hills, MI

Great work he did everything he said he would do.

— Christopher V., Livonia , MI

My dad hired Todd as his Attorney years ago, and I didnt even think twice about hiring him for an expungement. He really knows his stuff and is very honest. He even represented me in a traffic ticket while we were waiting for the expungement hearing. Everything was relatively quick, even in the times of COVID. I needed the judges order to present to my work, and he hand delivered it to my house. Thanks to Mr. Williams my record is free and clear and Im now at my dream job without any questions about my past mistakes. If youre on the fence about hiring D. Todd Williams, I would recommend him over and over.

— Rachel M., Harrison Township, MI