Services Drug Possession - Medical Marijuana

Hiring the right attorney makes all the difference.

Facing a drug possession charge? 

The Drug Crimes cases we handle for clients include charges related to possession, use, distribution and manufacture: 

  • Maintaining a drug house
  • Possession of marijuana, coke, meth, ecstasy or heroin
  • Illegal use or sale of prescription drugs
  • Unlawful drug use
  • Drug manufacture or cultivation

Whether your drug crime charge has to do with running a drug house or distributing cocaine, our skilled litigators will guide you and help apprise you of your rights.

We’ll help gather tangible evidence to build a strong case and help minimize penalties.

Drug charges involve volatile emotions and serious consequences. Make sure the attorney you choose helps secure your rights and help you avoid missteps throughout your. Be it prescription drugs, marijuana, or worse a drug possession charge can severely alter the trajectory of the life you now enjoy. 

Attorney D. Todd Williams has 22 years experience representing clients faced with drug charges.  There are more options on the table for a favorable outcomes than you may think. Your job, your driving privileges and your freedom are at stake, don't make it worse by hiring the wrong attorney.